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Supporting my Supporters

" A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed"

Proverbs 11:25 NIV

It was my pleasure and an absolute honor to assist my homegirl, Shunnika "Nika" Friend, with an event that she was partnering to do. This sista has become a community activist in her city of Myrtle Beach. For several years, Nika has been working behind the scenes helping to bring & build various events to her local community. As a new wife, bonus mom, daughter, sister, cousin, annnnnd FULL TIME ENTREPRENUER...

Nika still finds the time to encourage and uplift me. One of my biggest supporters to date called me a few months ago and asked would I be able to attend a career day at her church. Before she could tell me details I happily responded yes and logged in the date. Nika proceeded to tell me that the overall vision for the event was to highlight trade careers to the youth. The organizers of the event wanted to offer a diversity of opportunities and knowledge for the youth in the community. Now y'all know I love the kids and I love to entertain!!!

However, I was going through my own personal storm at the time and truly just could not let that stand in my way. I knew my friend was trusting me to not just show up but to show out! I know God has granted me a grand platform that I must not allow to die in vain! Y'all I promise you it is a daily struggle to stand strong as well as to continue to appear even stronger. Proverbs 11:25 hits differently when you are in the fight of your life yet others still believe in you! With Nika being one of my biggest supporters, I owed her my support. I thank the good Lord for sending me this scripture to remind me that " a generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Annnnndddddd that my friends is EXACTLY what happened at Mt. Olive A.M.E church in Myrtle Beach, SC!

Your girl was refreshed! It has been awhile since I have felt the urge to get back to entertainer others. This last year and a half has been one hellva roller coaster ride... BUT GOD! Not only did he allow my brand manager BG Promotions to be able to attend but he blessed us with the opportunity to promote and sell my sweat belts.

{yup, that's a shameless plug, please go get you one! Click on my shop tag for more information,}

We were able to connect with some pretty fabulous women who are out here making names for themselves. But the best highlight of it all was the refreshing questions from the children who attended. It is so true that kids say the darnest things! (lololololol) They loved my promo modeling video and one young man even inquired about how to become a videographer. Now that is a blessing!

In all, I must admit that I enjoyed every minute of my opportunity to support my supporter Nika. A blessing and a privilege to not only call her friend but how cool is it that her last name is Friend??? I hope you enjoy the photos and video from the event!

Please leave a comment and plllleeeaasssseeeeee BOOK ME! Im ready to get back to doing what I do best.... MAking Memorable Funny Moments for your Most Memorable Events! PEEEEAAACCCEeeee!

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