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Influencing BG Promotion's CEO

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Tisa Edge - Life Influencer, Influencing BG Promotion’s CEO,

Felicia “BG” McCoy

Isaiah 43:19

“ Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth. “

Hey hey family, Today I want to introduce a woman that has been a true blessing in my life and for my brand TISA EDGE! I am often asked “What is a life Influencer?” My repIy is " Influencing and witnessing others transformations through my constant contact and influence!" The Holy Spirit has truly blessed me with the gift of helping others to experience their Best Self! I looooovvvvveeeee making others smile and I looooovvveee seeing others win. THAT... MY FRIEND... IS A LIFE INFLUENCER!!!

When I 1st met Felicia she reminded me so much of my deceased Grandfather. The man who taught me how to live my best life through hard work and laughter.

We had an instant connection that allowed us to make the best of an event that we were hired to do. Felicia was the photographer/ videographer and I was the red carpet host. Chile, we worked every part of that room and interviewed sooooo many individuals. It truly was a fun night but unfortunately, it lead to a few broken promises. Life caused us to not be able to connect until a year later. Felicia WAS suffering from a medical condition called Plantar Fasciitis. According to WedMD, this condition is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. She was wearing a medical boot as well as weighing in at 275lbs.

Felicia was also suffering from self-diagnosed depression due to various personal issues. Yaaaalllllll, KNOW I COULDN’T HAVE ANY OF THAT AROUND ME ESPECIALLY WITH THE BUSY LIFE I HAVE! Well we joined forces and agreed to help each other relaunch our own brands! With a whole lot of prayer, diet changes, and exercising; Felicia was able to boost her motivation, drop that medical boot, and *DRUM ROOOOLLLLLLL PLEASE…. DROP ALMOST 100LBS!!!!!! YEEESSSSSSSS, SHE IS CURRENTLY WEIGHING IN AT 189LBS!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD AND WORTHY TO BE PRAISED! I influenced her by showing her proper portion control as well as hiking nature trails! Which, not only boosts your metabolism but also boost that brain flow! Yep... It gets those creative juices flowing and helps productivity. To top it all off, I assisted her with purging the old and embracing the new! We had to clean out her closet so she could make room for more! That is a sermon right there ya'll! Yeeesssaaaaahhhh, We pray for so much yet we do not proper prepare for our prayers to be answered! Annnnnyyyyywaayyyy, so back to the great purge.... We removed old out of date fat clothes and begin to work towards the new! I believe when you truly decide to LOSE Weight you have no desire to find it again, right???? RIGHT!!!! Once she was ready, I introduced her to thrifting! We visited America's Thrift Store and she had a field day creating a special cowboy themed look! Check her out in her $4 shirt, $7 Levi's, $2 Cowboy hat and $12 Cowboy boots for a total of $25! CHUUUU CHING!!!!!!

BG Promotions in return has built my website Captured me in various settings with her photography and videography skills. She has promoted me as a “Life Influencer “ on numerous occasions causing my brand Tisa Edge to be in great demand. BG Promotions has created a variety of high quality marketing material for Tisa Edge that has led to economic opportunities for both brands! Flyers, videos, commercials, filming are just a few of the services offered by BG Promotions that I AM A WITNESS that BG Promotions will generate a profitable income for you as well.

It has truly been a blessing for me to be a Life Influencer to such an amazing talent! Please be sure to contact for all you media needs and please ask her about my services as well. I look forward to working with you and influencing you to living your best LIFE ON EDGE TOO!


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