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Runway Thickness

Song of Songs 4:7

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way."

Well well well, not only have I found a new book in the bible but I have also found a little tiny piece of me that I was missing. RUNWAY, RUNWAY, RUUNNNWAY BABY!!!

After a brief google search I realized that this book is the book written by Solomon and apparently it is a collection of love songs and poems between two unknown lovers. Ima have to do more digging and quiz a few of my theologians (if thats not a word then its officially a "Tisa Edge" word) for a more indepth breakdown. *Yup, another blog alert, thank you Holy Spirit for that lil creative nudge* This new found scripture speaks volumes to my latest venture as a plus size model. I am constantly encouraging myself and being my own hype woman during these days of dispare. To actually stumble across a bible verse that screams to me has truly BLESSED MY SOUL!

Over the years, I have begun to shy away from fashion shows because of its high demand of my precious time and low contribution to my bank account. Yes Runway is fun but it surely doesn't pay the bills! SHHHiiiii *oops, I almost cussed* it doesn't even put gas in my car! Since considering modeling as a personal ministry I have found myself helping others with their dreams. I love love love making others smile and love to see others living their best life! My model sister Demi Maddox is one of those rare gems I love to see working in her element.

When she contacted me to walk for her I had no choice but to say Yes as well as offer to blog about my experience! The RAW ATLANTA showcase was absolutely amazing and loaded with various artist and spectators.

That crowd's energy was through the ROOF... literally!

Demi chose majority Plus size models and each woman served her curves pleasantly well. Henceforth the scripture again....

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way!" From each uniquely designed piece to each uniquely shaped model!!! Demi Maddox's Fall Fashion line is surely to be a hit!!!

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