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Tisa Edge

Who is Tisa Edge

Mom, Entrepreneur,

Life Influencer, Crowd Motivator & Brand Ambassador / Model

   A God-fearing, motivating, curvy plus sized model from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Tisa Edge is on fire, just like her current city, HotLanta! She's not allowing her late start in the game to deter her from pursuing her passion. She is on a quest to climb to the top of the modeling industry and inspire women who look like her to embrace their curves. Fabulous at Forty, Tisa is currently ripping runways throughout the country and planning to hit an international stage very soon!


     Tisa has co-hosted on the talk show, Fame 15 as well as on Blog Talk Radio. She has been featured in various magazines, curvy calendars, and appeared in popular music videos. She has also appeared on the reality show, Married to Medicine, Kandi Koated Nights, and The Marvin
Show. You can catch her emceeing events and programs from state to state or hosting red carpet interviews at star-studded premieres throughout the country. Tisa also enjoys being a brand ambassador for signature designers and boutiques.


  However, for all her accomplishments, Tisa’s greatest joy comes from motivating and empowering others to be and do better. She loves giving back to her community and is on her way to being recognized as a humanitarian. Tisa says, "I pray I will be able to build a center for my community where they can have access to resources needed for a more positive and impactful source of living.” Spoken like a true visionary!​


Tisa Edge the Brand will now offer services and products that will serve the many people God has brought into my path. Yes, I

 will continue be a model, shifting more towards being a Role Model for others aspiring to enter this tricky industry. However, now I am including Blogging, Crowd Motivator, and Life Influencer to my list of services. Oh I know you are wondering what this is and what does it have to do with you? As a blogger, I plan to update my website with pictures and valuable information to help inspire others to think outside of their normal thoughts.

I’m leading into my role as a Life Influence, one who influences others to make decisions based on my suggestions. Yes, you got it… like a Life Coach but I’ll be able to collaborate with other brands, which may have a product or service that may be beneficial to one’s individual needs. A crowd motivator will allow me to entertain various audiences during special events!

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