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Starting over A*bleep*gain

"See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you." Isaiah 42:9

Well well well... we are almost done with another month in a new year and I am just writing my 1st blog post on my new site! *SMH* I want to have an attitude with myself; henceforth, my blog title... but HEY... WHO DOES THAT! *SMILING AND POINTING AT ME* Soooo, instead... I decided to google a great scripture that would go with my thoughts of starting over! A *BLEEP* gain.... lolololol, how many of you actually said the word Im thinking? ( Yes, please leave it in the comments!

On this 24th day of 2020, I am sitting in my Apartment... after 2 years of an UNNNNNBEEELLLIIIEEVVVAABLE ROLLER COASTER LIFE ride. I am in my own! LORD, I THANK YA!!! But that's a whole 'notha video to be coming soon! Any who, I attempted to log onto my website and to my surprise it was gone! Went into my email to discover it had been cancelled due to non payment. *SMH* Yet, I thank God again for an awesome brand manager who stepped in and paid the cost for me so I could write this blog!!! Y'all not only do I need to do better with my budget, but I just need to do better PERIODT!

Which brings me to this lovely scripture. Isaiah 42:9 "See, the former things have taken place, (God forgave my past and now I need to forgive my past too! YESTERDAY is GONE! I can't keep focusing on what is lost and what I can not control. LIKE... forgetting to update my domain renewal!) and New Things I DECLARE; Before they SPRING into being I ANNOUNCE Them to you!" ( God is so amazing... He's been telling me for a few days to get back to what he has called me to do! Yet, I have been procrastinating... putting things off thinking "Now is not the time"; "I still need to get settled into my place" ; "I need to update my wardrobe" ; " I need to get my happy back"; " I need to pay the debts I owe so I can have a piece of mind"... yada yada yada! But the Holy Spirit clearly said... " The former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you!!!!)

Ya see... Had I did what I was told to do a few days ago... I would've known my website was up for renewal! The Holy Spirit tried to announce it but I missed it!!! Yet... He still had me covered! No more laying down and wallowing in sorrow! It's time for me to use what I got, to get what I want! Here I am Starting over A *damn * gain!!! Y,all please forgive me... I have some debts to pay so quitting is no longer an option. It's yo girl... Tisa Edge... in the natural! Full unedited and totally natural! I love ya and so does God! So, until next week... I'll Drink 2 That!

ooopppsss, dang it...I forgot to mention... Here's a few shots from my test shoot by my brand manager @BGPromtionsinc! Just doing what I was instructed to do... GET UP, GET OUT, AND GET GOING! I was chosen to be transparent with my journey to success.

Please contact my brand manager for your Lifestyle shoot or any of your media dreams! What has God instructed you to do???

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