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The Ugly side of My Truths!

"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another."

Ephesians 4:25

Yooo, how ya doing family? *I actually waited for your response... : )* I am having a inner moment yet clearly heard a faint voice say.. "Blog about it!" So, here I am on an impulse, to share the ugly side of truths! Y'all please feel free to share your thoughts in my comments or via email. I actually would love to hear from ya.

Sooo, As I am pondering this thang called Life, I was just thinking whhhyyyy do I always have to make a perfect time frame to share my imperfect Life. Like, I have wasted years on top of years trying to make sure everything is dead right before proceeding. Just like with this blog... I am swiping through hundreds of pictures and videos looking for the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SINGLE PICTURE and VIDEO to post!!!! This is totally insane, RIGHT? The complete opposite of who Tisa Edge is on a daily basis. I only wear makeup on special occasions, refuse to walk around with a snatched waist on a daily basis, and clearly prefer my natural hair over a wig at any time!!! Soooo again... why am I so afraid of sharing the ugly side of my truths???

Like, how many of you are sitting there; reading this right now in your complete natural state? And who da *Bleep* said that living in your natural beauty is ugly anyway??? Yeeaaahhhhhh, we know!!! Society and the media SAID IT!!!

Well family, I am here to drop this lil word on you! Ephesians 4:25 "Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another." Right here... I shall turn to my neighbor and say... " NEIGHBOR, I SHALL SPEAK MY TRUTH since we are one of another!" The ugly side of my truth is my most comfortable side! It shall also be the side that leads me to becoming one of the most influential TOP PAID Motivational Speakers in the World! *Yup, I am claiming that title right now!!!* This is my stamp of accountability because I believe the ugly side of my truth needs to be shared and somebody must break these lil ugly ol chains that is holding us!!!! MINES WELL BE ME!!!

There is so much greatness inside of me, so many hidden talents deep down that I must stop stopping myself! Stop looking at the ugliness and start uplifting the beautiness. (That is my word!) God has truly been good to me and I feel that he has giving me this platform to be transparent. As we scroll social media, all we see is the beautiful side of others truths... yet we rarely see the ugly side! BUUUUUTTTT TA RAH when we do see it... we are either shocked or find humor in others pain. Think of all the mugshots or various fight videos... are they ever glamorous? NOPE!!!

Y'all ponder on all of that for awhile. In the meantime... check out my YouTube video addressing the ugly side of Truths! Please leave a comment if you catch something, I missed during editing. ; )

Family, y'all be blessed and keep being beautiful in your own special way! I love you yet God Loves you the Best!

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