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‘Rona Gains

Romans 12:2 

“Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God–what is good and well-pleasing and perfect.”

Chhhiiillleeeee, I done messed around and stepped on the scale!!! Lord have mercy!!!! That thang read TWO HUNNARD AND FOR TEE FIVE POUNDS!!!! (Yes, I had to shout that out in my best EBONICS VOICE!!!!)

GOT TOE MIGHTY KNOWS!!!! I AM 20 lbs shy of my pregnacy weight when I gave birth to my daughter! Almost 14 YEEEAAAARRRSSSS AGO!!!! Ohhhh noooo ma’am PAM... this is not acceptable nor is it comfortable!

Since being on quarantine I have been less conscious of what I’ve been eating. As well as I have not been physically active. Just in my apartment Eatin EATIN!!! Lord, I thank you for the food! I even more thank you for a place to call our own! Now Lord, I gotta get these FORTY FIVE POUNDS OFF OF ME ANNNNDDD FOR GOOD!!!

So, where do I begin???

Oh wait.. I have already begun... I admitted my problem.

Acknowledging my faults is a giant step to reaching a solution.

(Go Tisa, Go Tisa, Gooo Tiiiiissssa!!!)

Tuning into the Holy Spirit and being led to step on the scale has awaken me to get back on track to my healthy living lifestyle. The productive way, not the fad way! (So, please do not send no teas, trees, or CBD’s offers! Thank ya!)

Next... I prayed! Yup that short 3 sentence prayer shall be heard by the Master and it shall help me to kick this thang into high gear! The scriptue Romans 12:2 is so befitting for a time such as this! “Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God–what is good and well-pleasing and perfect.” ISSA MINDSET! It clearly says Be Transformed by the renewing of my mind! I can not conform to the fad of the present world. Now do not take this personal! I have worn every size available! From a size zero to a size 20! Weight has been one of my biggest personal issues.

When I was a size zero, I was too skintay and did not like how I looked. I remember praying to be thicker and to have a big booty like my mama! When I was a size 20 I was too fat and still did not like how I looked! So I took a prescription weight loss drug named Adipex. I can truly admit I kinda sorta liked my size ten to twelve body. Yet, I still had issues at that size! Well Lord.. You just showed me I never was truly happy with any of my sizes!!! WOW! Just WOW!!!

These ‘Rona Gains during this pandemic is yet another test of my faith! Now I know better!!! I know what I should or shouldn’t be eating during these “Stay at Home“ orders. Thy word is CLEAR!!! DO NOT BE CONFORMED BUT BE TRANSFORMED!!!!

I can do this the right way! With a true lifestyle change, patience, & perservance!

GLOOORRRRYYY!!!! So here’s my plan of action over the next few weeks... y’all wanna help with healthy tips or do you wanna just watch & see my results? (That’s a real question in which I want real answers in the comments below)

Week 1


*Drank - Alcholic beverages* 🤣


Now that the Shelter in place is being lifted hopefully the trails are opening back up so i can get back to walking.


I have noticed in the past that I achieve better results when I work out with someone. I guess that’s my competitive nature kicking in!


This has been on my radar for awhile! I truly wanna try juicing to see what I can achieve as well as the benefits of it.


I am going to try those 4 things that look simple but could potentially be my most challenging steps of this journey! Y’all pray for me! I promise to share my progress because I know someone out there needs to know if this is possible!

Check out my YouTube video... Make sure to Like, Subscribe, Comment, and Share! Let’s Grow together!

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