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"Tisa Edge provides the best service. She's been my Life Influencer for over 2 years and because of her advice and guidance I was able to get my Mental Space together and lose over 100 Pounds. She's a true inspiration and an excellent role model for myself and many other people that I've witness. Book Tisa Edge Today!! She will definitely get you to your next levels in your Life!"



"Tisa, you are nothing short of PHENOMENAL. U are ALWAYS looking out! There are not many people who genuinely wish the best for people, but u do. THANK YOU love, for your continued support Tisa!!!!"



"Yesssssssss Huntay! I'm always waiting to see what you will inspire us with next!! Love you, May all that you pour out to others be continously poured into you a million fold! Love you Tisa Edge Glover."

Kevina Morant-Woodard

Facebook Friend

"U Betta Do It! We need you to keep going! U r inspiring us to do better! Thank You!"




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