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If you are looking for a great waist trainer that can truly give your back great support, improve your posture and help slim down your abdomen area during your workouts or just wearing it all day under your clothing, Tisa Edge Sweat Belt is exactly what you need. Without much effort needed, while you wear this waist-cinching belt, it will assist in aligning the midsection of your belly. This waist trainer is for women and for men.

Tisa Edge Sweat belt reduces 1-3 inches from your waistline which instantly sculpts an hourglass silhouette. The Waist Cincher Trimmer belt is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit anytime. Thanks to hot thermo neoprene fabric, you will sweat more like sauna in your core midsection with less effort. 


The Sweat belt is made up of 100% Latex-free Neoprene fabric and the double Velcro adjustment on the front of the belt makes it adjustable and durable to target the fat around your waist and help burn it off. And for even greater results, combine it with a great workout routine and see how fast you see the results. You should definitely give this Sweat Belt a try!

Tisa Edge is your true Brand Ambassador, Host, Model and Life Influencer inspiring many Women and Men to live their Best Lives and to look and feel great while you do.