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"My Personal Holiday"

Matthew 14:27

But Jesus immediately said to them, “Take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.”

Greetings... Coming off a week of being celebrated as well as celebrating myself, I learned a few things about myself & fear! Oh yeah.... Celebrated my 43rd personal Holiday!!!! 😃😃😃 One of my favorite things to do for myself is to retreat and reflect on my previous year. Just take a full day or two or three or however many it takes to love on ME!!! This year has been 1 filled with more lows than highs yet I still heard the Holy Spirit to say... "Study scriptures on fear so you can begin to understand your lows and begin to reach your highs!!!!" Then came Matthew 14:27

But Jesus immediately said to them, “Take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.”

Soooooo.... Not only did I find out I am suffering from P.T.S.D lemme gon & copy & paste that full Wikipedia definition - Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, or other threats on a person's life. Symptoms may include disturbing thoughts, feelings, or dreams related to the events, mental or physical distress to trauma-related cues, attempts to avoid trauma-related cues, alterations in how a person thinks and feels, and an increase in the fight-or-flight response. These symptoms last for more than a month after the event. A person with PTSD is at a higher risk for suicide and intentional self-harm.

YUP... THAT'S ALL ME RIGHT THERE!!!! But in order to heal and find my own peace... I have to accept it and grow thru it!!! Soooooooo... In that moment I decided to add other fears to rest... I threw on my $2.99 two piece bikini from America's Thrift Store and learned how to tread water in 7ft!!!

YESSSSS HUNNI YEEESSSSS.... YA GIRL WORE HER TUMMY OUT ANNNNDDDDD NOT ONLY JUMPED IN WATER BUT GOT IN 7 FEEEEEETTTTTT!!!! Maaaannnnn listen..... I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW LIBERATING THAT WAS!!!! Thank you Lord for the best birthday present ever... NEW LIFE! Y'all stay tune because I promise this is about to be a great ride!!!! Roll with me!!!!

Comment & Share how you are living please!

Swim lessons & photo credit Felicia BG McCoy (

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