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Beach Life

This pass week has truly been a sea of emotions for me. I was on vacation from work (yes, I have a REAL job) and was truly looking forward to doing something fun & new... BUT GOD! Y’all know when God has other plans for ya, you cant do anything other than abide by his rules!!!

My vacation turned into Granny sitting duties with a splash of water. Maaaannnnn Listen!!!!!! Taking care of an ailing love one is no walk in the park but I am often reminded of the scripture 1 Timothy 5:8 “ But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” ESV Lord HAAAVVVVEEEE MERCY THO… My grandmother fell 2.5 years ago and suffered a fractured hip. Since that day she has not walked, barely talks, and is basically under total care. My mom is currently taking care of her, which leaves me to have to relieve my mom periodically so she can get a mental & physical break from the daily duties. I have a new found respect for all caregivers and thank God continuously for my mom and every person involved with the daily task of keeping my grandma alive!!!

WAYMENT… Oh my… I just realized how I just ran completely off the subject of BEACH LIFE… *tickled* (Whelp, I’ll drink 2 that!) Soooo… as I was saying… I was able to steal away and enjoy some of my childhood beach Life on Historic Atlantic Beach, SC. There is no place like home and it felt soooooo dag gon good to be able to lay back and appear to not to have a single care in the world! Looking at this dope pic of me; [in the water, in my SPEEDO, that is holding those jiggly parts together] just gives me chills; because tho I am currently not where I want to be …

God continuously shows me where HE is taking me! Yo girl just gotta continue to do his will and abide by his word, tho the waves are crashing in behind me! He shall protect me and keep me in perfect peace as well as calming water cuz Lord knows I can’t swim!!! Yeeessssaaahhhh, that’s a good word right there! Y’all this is Life on Edge!!!!

Be Blessed and diversified.

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