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Brand Collaborations

Proverbs 27:17 “ Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Collaborating with two different brands to bring one vision to life. Lyfestylez Plus Boutique, BG Promotions Inc, and myself Tisa Edge joined forces to get new images for all three brands promotional material. It is an ABSOLUTE PRIVILedge for me to help others bring their visions into realities. You see that is what LIFE ON EDGE is all about!!! Influencing others while influencing myself. Iron sure does sharpen iron and one WOman can sharpen another. (We ain't always gotta fight!) Yeesssss, modeling isn’t easy but it’s easy when you model! Meaning, Modeling doesn’t pay my bills yet, but I don’t mind because my heart is in it for the love of seeing others win! just making sure you paid attention to my intro video.*

Keisa Talley, CEO of Lyfestylz Plus Boutique always finds a way to encourage me to live my BEST GLAM LYFE! She offers affordable fashion for the everyday woman. Please be sure to check her out on her website or any of her social media links @lyfestylzplus_by_keisa. Then head over to check out BG Promotions Inc for all your media needs and her social media links are @bgpromotionsinc and @bgpphotographer. Pictures, videos, flyers, events, websites, you name it… they do it! As a matter of fact, that is who created my website… quite impressive, huh? Yup… I’ll Drink 2 That! So please stay tuned for more in depth conversations with these two remarkable brands as we prepare to take control of our next level! Love yall much!!!!! Tisa Edge

Ooops, I forgot to mention the beautiful Old Fourth Ward Park in Midtown Atlanta.

Beautiful FREE Park dead smack in the middle of ATLANTA, GA. I thought I had escaped the hustle and bustle of city life for a brief moment. Gorgeous and serene… with a little music flowing though the background from one of the many businesses in the area. If you need a quick getaway and near this beautiful park; PLEASE do yourself a favor and stop by! That’s living your Life on Edge! Now I am really done! Catch ya later!

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