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Photo Credit: His Images INK

Life Influencer

Plus size model, blogger, podcaster and influencer, Tisa Edge is a woman on a mission of influencing others to live their best life. Although she wears many hats, her claim to fame is being the Host that does the Most Attend ONE event hosted by Tisa and you will be changed forever!  She ensures there is NEVER a dull Moment during the most memorable moments! A natural crowd motivator, Tisa Edge absolutely loves entertaining and motivating diverse crowds.

In addition to being an in-demand hostess, Tisa has over 15 years of working as a mental health specialist.  She specializes in issuing raw, unfiltered advice filled with tangible resources to clients, as well as family and friends.


Tisa Edge is internationally known, booked and busy, flown, and shown around the world.  She is a woman on FIRE and ready to Ignite you! Contact her today at and follow her on any of her vibrant social media platforms @TisaEdge.

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